फ्रेन्च भाषाका वर्णहरु


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आ    बे    से    दे    अ(ो)   एफ     जे      आस      इ    जी        का      एल      एम


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  एन      ओ     पे      कुउ    ए(र )    एस     ते    इउ    भे    दुब्ल भे  एक्स   इग्रेक  जैद


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Learn the French Alphabet Part 1 The 26 letters

The 26 letters of the French alphabet are presented alphabetically. They are read by myself, a native speaker specialized in teaching pronunciation. The letters are shown in both small and capital forms, along with the IPA reading (International Phonetic Alphabet, written API on the video, standing for Alphabet Phonétique International) and also written in an approximate English pronunciation for students not used to read phonetic signs.



Abécédaire - Lettre A - Image + audio - Initiation à la lecture

abécédaire audio avec lettres, images et sons pour apprendre à lire