An Italian gets two days off to care for her sick dog
As her pet was in need of urgent care, this single woman 
had to be absent from work to take him to the veterinarian
and then assist him.

An Italian woman has been granted two days of paid leave to
treat her dog, the LAV animal welfare organization said on
Wednesday, welcoming a first in Italy, a country where pets
are kings. As the dog needed urgent care, this single woman
employed by a Roman university had to be absent from work to
take it to the veterinarian and then assist her.

Days counted as paid leave for "family reason"

With the legal support of the LAV, she then obtained that her 
employer count these two days of absence as paid holidays for
"serious personal or family reason". She argued that the
Italian penal code provided for up to one year in prison and
a fine of 10,000 euros for anyone who abandons her animal or
leaves it in "severe suffering"."This is a significant step
forward, recognizing that animals that do not have a lucrative
or productive purpose are in all respects part of the family,
" commented Gianluca Felicetti, president of the LAV.
With 60 million inhabitants, Italy has 60 million pets, for
which the Italians spend about two billion euros per year.
Half of these animals are fish, but Italy also has 7.5
million cats and seven million dogs, and it is not uncommon
to see their masters in malls or restaurants.

Une Italienne obtient deux jours de congé pour soigner son chien malade

Son animal de compagnie ayant eu besoin de soins urgents, cette femme célibataire avait dû s'absenter de son travail pour le porter chez le vétérinaire et l'assister ensuite.